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About Us

Hannah’s is a family run business which is well established within our profession. Our bespoke online systems are tailor made to suit the clients needs and our supportive and flexible approach helps us maintain long-lasting relationships with many of our clients. We are very much a hands on firm and pride ourselves in delivering the best service within our industry.

Our base for our Scottish operation is set in the heart of Glasgow’s business sector in the city centre of Glasgow where modern technology is blended with quality control and business expertise.

Having Messengers at Arms and Sheriff Officers employed with us with over 130 years experience between them in business, operating in all of the Sheriffdoms in Scotland to meet the requirements of our clients, we feel that expertise is now essential for the modern day Sheriff Officer.

Our administration staff have the knowledge and experience to give a full and professional back-up to our Officers and our clients whenever the need arises which is vital to our operation.

With over 50 years experience within our administration staff it gives Hannah’s a sound and competent way of conducting business and with their undoubted experience essential for clients to lean on leaves Hannah’s very proud to have a team committed to meet all demands asked of them.

At Hannah’s we are constantly looking to ourselves to improve our quality and as such we operate our system to meet your needs.